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Friday, December 02, 2016

Remembering a friend

Last Sunday at church, they announced the passing of a member. You could hear audible gasps when it was announced. I know that doesn't happen very often, usually because the death is expected.

Today was the funeral. I was touched at the start when one of the granddaughters started to take her baby out at the beginning of the service and someone offered to take the baby so that the granddaughter could enjoy the service.

There were other tender moments that the speakers shared about the many acts of service of this man who was being remembered.

I realize that the world doesn't revolve around me. However, I must share some personal experiences. This man reminded me a little of my dad. They were a year apart in age. I think the most glaring similarity was that his wife was in poor health and that didn't stop him from going to church and serving. And, unexpectedly, his illness was rapid and the onset sudden, and she is now left behind.

Earlier, I used the phrase "enjoy the service." I meant it. While funerals are emotionally taxing, the one great thing about an LDS funeral is that it is positive, hopeful, and if you listen, you are reminded of the Plan of Salvation, as it is taught in the talks.

I remember hearing about my mom going to an uncle's funeral when she was dating my dad. He asked sheepishly "how was it?" and she spoke positively about that service, which was NOT what he expected to hear. It planted a seed with him, along with other events that led to his eventual conversion.

I'm grateful to have known the man we said goodbye to today...til we meet again, Brother.