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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My world, my thoughts

With the death of Robin Williams yesterday (I'm still stunned over that one), it's brought up some recurring themes. Is suicide a selfish act? Is it a mortal sin? I say no to both, and I will explain why.

In order to commit sin, you have to have awareness and accountability. I believe you need the same in order to be selfish (more than the two year old's "mine!").

If you are truly aware and accountable, then yes to the above questions. However, mental illness is a tricky thing, a little thief. It robs you of your awareness and also many times your accountability. If you are not accountable at the time you do something, it's not a sin.

I'm grateful that I'm not the one who gets to determine that. That's God's job.

I feel that is why we can be sad, hurt, ache, but never speculate where someone was when they committed that fatal act.


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