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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Dog day

Today was a strange day. During my lunch break, I went to pick up something, saw a dog walking down the street. The dog looked like he could have belonged to a friend of mine.

After picking up my lunch, I came back the same way I went and as I reached the intersection, I saw people gathered around a tarp.

This dog had been hit by a car and strangers who saw it, stopped to pick him up and get him off the street.

When I was 7, I was bit by a dog (on the upper thigh) and while I love dogs, I don't think I could tend to a wounded animal that I didn't know who was scared, in pain and disoriented. (not sure about the ones I do know either)

I couldn't help but say bless you to those people. I also couldn't control myself becoming a weepy mess as I finished the drive home.

OH! I almost forgot. It wasn't my friends' dog. I hope he's ok. I also hope that his owners find him.


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