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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Pride and Prejudice, 2015 style

A lot of bandwidth has taken up the news feeds over Caitlyn (nee Bruce) Jenner and the whole transgender thing. I find it sad that someone can be so unhappy in their own skin that they feel they must make drastic changes in order to feel "right." I'm also oddly intrigued by the process. Nevertheless it is their choice to make, not mine.

June is Pride Month. When I was younger, they called it Gay Pride, now it's just Pride, because the movement has adopted more than just men who like men and women who like women.

This is a bit uncomfortable for me to talk about, but because I love people who are gay, I'm trying and hope they get that I am trying, and not being disrespectful.

In the transgender discussion, some other "trans" have come up, half serious, half joking. These are trans-racial and trans-able. Stories in the news talk about a woman who (according to information at the time I wrote this) has been passing herself off as black. I'm sure we'll be hearing more about that story. There's another story about a guy in Canada who didn't feel like he should be whole and wanted to remove his arm.

As I heard more and more about this whole trans-able thing, my thoughts went immediately to my mother. Anything I say about her, please remember I have made my peace with her, so I do not any longer speak about her from a place of anger. Sorrow and pity, yes, but not anger. You see, my mother was mentally ill and never was diagnosed. As I got older, I saw a woman who became more and more needy (physically and emotionally) and felt so worthless that she didn't think anyone would like her for her, so made herself need the help of others so that they'd stay in her life.

Honestly. the thought process is irrational, but tell that to someone living it who believes it is right. I wonder if trans-able had been a thing back then, if she'd have that type of diagnosis. Nobody in their right mind would think it was ok to purposely become an invalid to keep people in your life, would they?

I thought I was clever with my title, but I truly hope that people don't feel my wanderings fall in the prejudice category. Mah girls had a blast at Pride today, and I'm so glad they did!!