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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Punctuation matters

Earlier this week, I saw some posts about a semicolon becoming a symbol of surviving emotional issues.

The thought behind it was that the author could have ended the sentence there, but chose to continue with the thought.  Just as those who have struggled through and survived serious emotional issues could have stopped (or in this case, ended their lives), but chose to continue with their life and work through the "stuff."

I love the idea behind this!  The author (and finisher) of our faith could have stopped at some point, but He didn't, and we don't have to either.

I don't do tattoos.  I don't judge people who do.  I understand that many are thinking about getting this symbol permanently tattooed on their wrist to remind them that they do continue on.  I love the concept.  Instead of my wrist, however, I'll be writing mine on my heart.