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Monday, November 25, 2013

The List

There are so many lists floating around. There's the shopping list (the one I write down then forget to take with me), the laundry list, a naughty or nice list (that many kids are negotiating or soon will be), bucket list (I really don't like that term even though I like the concept), but today I'm going to check out a gratitude list.

Why didn't I just do a gratitude a day on Facebook? I don't know, maybe because everybody else does that and I have to be different.

Why do it at all? Because the annual "stuff" is creeping in and I needed to make a conscious effort to remember my blessings.

There are the usual suspects of faith, family, friends, etc., but I have a few others.

I'm grateful for music. What at one time caused me a lot of pain has given me comfort and something to do with learning and playing handbells the last two seasons. I may never be the best at handbells, but I do enjoy it and the people I get to associate with as part of the bell choir.

I'm grateful for the truth, even when it hurts. I have friends who remind me that while painful, sometimes I need to hear it, because in the end, I can't grow without knowing the truth, or being reminded of it.

I'm grateful for the miracle of repentance and forgiveness. I've been on both sides of the forgiveness and have been grateful for the whole gift. I know when I mess up and slip into old habits or find new ones that get me into trouble, I can be forgiven, start over and try harder not to do it again next time. This process will go on for my whole life, although I hope that I finally get some of these things so I don't have to keep working on them over and over. On the other side, being able to let go of deep emotional wounds is a huge blessing!

I'm grateful that eventually I can make sense of things I've gone through and dealt with and sometimes use that experience to help others so that the trial wasn't a total waste. After all, what's the point of learning if you can't share what you've learned.

These are just a few and I know as soon as I hit the publish button I'll think of more. It's ok, it's not like this list has an end to it. It's always added to, based on life experience.