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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I saw Daddy....

One night when I was in my 20's, Dad and I went out shopping. He liked my taste and ideas when it came to get something for Mom and it gave us a chance to do something together.

We went to the Lakewood Mall in California and after a bit of walking around and shopping, we had passed Santa Claus a few times. Dad mentioned to me that when he was young only the rich kids got their picture taken with Santa so he'd never done it when he was that age. I said, "Dad, you've GOT to do it!" and he did. If there had been a line I think he would have chickened out, but nobody was there, so he went and sat on Santa's lap (sorta) and had his picture taken.

After the photo was developed, he had Santa sign it "To Tony, love Santa." I was on the sidelines being incredibly supportive by laughing about the whole thing.

Dad said he was going to show it to Mom but don't say anything about it when we got home, so of course when we got home I got a bad case of the snickers because I knew something Mom didn't.

Christmas morning, after the presents were opened, Dad went and got another box and handed it to Mom to open. Inside the box was the picture of Dad with Santa Claus.

Last year after Mom died and we were cleaning out her room, a friend found her Christmas Card address book, and right inside that book was the picture.


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