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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


No, not that scale!

I was thinking tonight about all the cool things we've done in the past for Christmastime. The treats that we made--mom's fudge, great Aunt Zenith's fruitcake, microwave peanut brittle or whatever came along that year-- or the other traditions such as Christmas Eve Pizza, Secret Santas for local families in need, buying and wrapping toys for Children's Hospital, all had their season and all were special.

When Mom couldn't make the goodies anymore and I'd moved away, Dad started making them. As we got older, the scale of the holiday went way down. I actually found the scaled back Christmas more enjoyable because I wasn't chained to the kitchen as much and I actually got to spend time with family. There was also the ones where I didn't make it home and I started to enjoy the quieter holidays, being able to think about why the holiday was there to begin with.

The memories are great. Nostalgia makes for a good snack.

Sometime I'll feel more like I actually want to create new memories. Right now, I just want to remember folks that aren't around anymore and the great times I had with them. I want to be able to remember them fondly and without the pain of their absence. The time will come someday, just not right now.


  • At 10:42 PM, Blogger Marianne said…

    Remembering is good. Maybe you could pick one time and write about it in lots of detail.


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