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Saturday, November 18, 2006


I got so involved in living my life, that I didn't take the time to sit and write about it. Some was good, some not so much.

However, the ongoing theme was that good or bad, I got through it.

One of the sadder markings of time is that 10 years ago was the beginning of the end of my family as I knew it on this earth. My grandfather's stroke was in the fall of 1996. I spent Thanksgiving with my grandmother and it turned into an extended trip to move her back to California. Two Thanksgiving weekends ago was when I got the word from the hospital that my mother was there in poor condition.

That could have something to do with me deciding to get back to the familiar with the blog and also wanting to scream and spend like crazy.

Someone from church was kind enough to invite me over for T-day, but I'm sure all this other stuff will be somewhere in the back of my mind.


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