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Saturday, December 17, 2005

mixed bag

My cat has curled up and fallen asleep under the Christmas tree. You'd think it was all for him and that he was the present. So cute! Every once in a while I have to remind him not to bat the ornaments around, but for the most part, he's been very well behaved around the tree.

I have to say that I'm taking the holiday season one day at a time. I'm trying not to make too many plans in case I need to cancel at the last minute because I'm just not up to it.

The best news is that I will be consulting with a doctor next week to determine if how I've been feeling is more depression related or grief related.

I remember many years ago I felt like I was the only one who had been dealing with depression. Just in the last 5 years I've found out that not only does it run in one side of my family, but that some other family members had also dealt with it for years. MAN! I wish they would have said something sooner so I didn't feel like a freak being the only one.


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