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Thursday, February 02, 2006

my right foot

I can't tell you how badly my foot/ankle was hurt, but I do know one thing. I should not have worn my nikes yesterday.

Strange how we think we know what's good for us, to the point of being insistent, stubborn, willful, etc. Then when we do act on our own, we find out just how little we do know of what's best for us.

It's an ongoing journey and what may have been correct yesterday may not be right today. We have to adapt and adjust to an ever changing and challenging world. Okay, I have to do it.

I read a great quote in the paper today. The New Mexico taxation website had a glitch in their online form. Instead of giving taxpayers the chance to donate part of their refund to the political party of their choice, it kept changing everybody's donation to Democratic party. Some who are cynical might say that it was done intentionally as there is much rumored and verified corruption in the state leaning towards the Democrats side. The state Republican chair was quoted as saying, "I can handle defeat. It's when they move the goalposts I have a problem."

I lived in an environment where the rules were constantly changing. I know that feeling.

I also know that it's strange the lessons my stupid foot can offer.


  • At 10:22 PM, Blogger Cynthia said…

    hmmmmm... or MAYBE it was the evil Republicans who did it to make us wonnerful Democrats look bad! Shame on them!! BAD REPUBLICANS! BAD! BAD! BAD! ---giggle---

  • At 11:00 PM, Blogger Marianne said…

    Ah ha!

  • At 11:00 PM, Blogger Marianne said…

    I think that would make a great title for a book, "Things I Learned from My Foot".


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