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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Who cares about apathy?

I'm a Toastmaster. According to their calendar, it's mid year. I'm feeling the mid year blahs. So are a lot of others apparently. I wish I could personally snap everybody out of it, remind them what brought them to the club in the first place and get them to finish what they started. I know that I can only control how I feel about it, but I would really like for others to be less apathetic and more passionate.

I mentioned about my supervisor. I'm really conflicted about it. If the rumors are true, it's probably better that he and the company parted ways. However, I don't like my world changing on me. I really don't. It's not that I can change but nobody else can, but more that when my world is changing, or I am changing, I tend to hang on tightly to those things around me that are comfortable, such as my surroundings, the people I associate with, stuff like that.

I love Dancing with the Stars. I like to see those who try be rewarded for their efforts. Master P, if you're not voted out this week, please bow out so that someone who WANTS to be there can do so. Get those crazies who keep voting for you to stop! It's Painful to watch. (is that what the P stands for??)


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