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Saturday, January 28, 2006

A million little....

I will first say I have not read the book. I cannot comment to content. However, the fact that someone tried to sell this book unsuccessfully at first, tweaked it a bit, then sold it is interesting.

Either this author had a lot of nerve thinking he could fool a bunch of people, or he couldn't say no and pull the plug before damage to his credibility was done.

I wonder if the author thought nothing of "embellishing" the story, advertising it as a memoir, thinking it would roll over, he'd get published, end of story. I wonder if once Oprah got wind of the book the author ever thought about coming clean BEFORE all the attention was given to the book. He could have told Oprah or her people that he would prefer not to be part of her book club. He wouldn't have even had to say why, just that he didn't want it.

By the time someone checked his facts and outed his lies, it was too late. He was so enmeshed that even if he wanted to come clean, his integrity and credibilty were shot. One thing a lot of people learned this week is that you do not cross Oprah.

Now here's a question to think about. I actually heard this being discussed on Glenn Beck's show Friday night and think it's a great point. If the messenger is flawed or dishonest in how he presents his message, does that invalidate the message?


  • At 11:29 PM, Blogger Marianne said…

    Sometimes things that seem like they would be true don't work that way in real life. That's how we get so many misconceptions about life and people. It's better if non-fiction is as true as you can make it.


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