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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


My Grandpa lost the top part of one of his right thumb when he was an older teenager. I never did hear how he really lost it until a speaker at his funeral said something about it. From what I remember, I believe he was trying to stop a runaway car engine with his bare hands. Not a wise move, but I guess he thought he was doing the right thing at the time.

What was really funny was that he would show it to children who sucked their thumb and tell them that he lost it because he sucked his thumb so much that it just fell off.

Sometimes when trying to make a point we will take our circumstances and create a new story about it that might fit, is just ridiculous enough to be entertaining and gets the attention of our audience.

There's nothing wrong with living your object lesson. However, if you start to believe the lies, there is a problem.

Many years ago, there was a church leader who was a great storyteller. Everybody loved to hear his stories and he used them to preach scriptural principles. Well, some of the stories started having variations, and people who knew the characters in these stories started asking questions. Others were checking around and found out that many of these well known and loved stories were either embellished, borrowed from other peoples' lives, or just plain fabricated. He was reprimanded and asked not to preach anymore. Not long after that he died.

No, his death was not related to his storytelling, but had he been honest in his storytelling, his life might have ended in honor instead of being known as the guy who made up stories to teach true principles.

Don't believe the lies you tell yourself.


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