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Friday, September 19, 2008

A time to....

Today my mother would have been 73. Certain days are hard for me. This was one of them. Since I usually let these things sneak up on me later in the day I thought I would try acknowledging it at the start of day. It didn't help. The workday still stunk on ice! I have a year to figure out how to deal with these days the next time.

On the upside, it IS Talk like a Pirate day! :) What kind of movies to Pirates like to see? The ones that are rated ARRRRRR!

A Toastmaster friend passed away recently. I just found out yesterday. The news rather blindsided me because he was living his dream. Of course, the dream he gets to live now is even better. He gets to be reunited with his wife who preceded him in death. I'm sure that was quite a reunion!

I know death is part of life, but it still gets to me at times.


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