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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cover Up

I just found out that I was a victim of a coverup. When I bought my house, I had to replace the roof. The fascia board had been stuccoed over and the attic couldn't breathe right. This shortens the life of any roof that is put on the house. As part of the order, the roofers were supposed to remove the stucco and install proper fascia boards and vents. Well, they put the boards and vents on, but today when a friend was helping me fix some loose boards, we found out they just covered up the stucco.

This is very disheartening for the reasons above. There was a contract and I had a reasonable expectation that the service I was paying for was going to be performed in the way I had requested. Instead I got a counterfeit cover up that looked right on the outside, but inside was still not correct.

A definition of integrity is how you behave when you know nobody's looking. My house does not have the integrity that I thought it did 3 years ago.

I'd like to think that I do. Yesterday at work, I had an escalated issue and when passing it on to the person who would take over the call, she was having system problems. She told me to put in my notes that I had accidentally disconnected with the caller and she would go into a system outage mode. It took me a while to hear what she was saying. When I snapped, I told her "I'm not going to lie, I'll get someone else" and I did.

I don't share this to say "here I am, praise me for being honest." I share it to say that cover ups take many forms and sometimes you don't see them coming until it's too late.


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