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Monday, December 26, 2005


I have to tell you what my cat did overnight. He's got this walking habit and doesn't care what (or who) he walks on. I had been watching my dvd of amazing race 7. Anyway, my bedroom tv is a tv/dvd combo and the remote was on the bed near my head. About 4 or so this morning, I start hearing amazing race on the tv. I knew I'd put the tv on style last night cuz I was watching Isaac Mizrahi's show. Checked to see if it had been changed to GSN. It wasn't. Now I'm just awake enough to have to go to the bathroom and can't figure out how to make the race stop until I'm more awake to watch some more, still unsure if it's the DVD or if I'm watching it on GSN. Apparently the little 'tard stepped on the buttons enough to restart the dvd. I finally got it fixed and put the tv back on where I had left it and went back to sleep until the cat woke me up again closer to my normal wake up time. He still won't let me sleep in.

I got new glasses today. Will have to pick up the new sunglasses tomorrow because the tech was having problems with the dye for the lenses.

I'm happy to be off all this week. I decided that since I didn't know how I would handle the anniversary of my mother's death in a couple days that I would just stay home. Also decided to take the week off which is great because there are more things I need to do than get new glasses.


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