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Monday, January 02, 2006

what a day

The saga of my ankle continues. I was scheduled to work all day today, but thanks to way too few calls, the place closed 3 hours early. This gave me time to go to urgent care to have my ankle looked at. As well as I tried, I wasn't able to do for my ankle what it needed and I figured it would be easier to have a pro wrap it since it's such a pain to try and wrap one's own foot. X-rays showed it was definitely a sprain--no break (yay!). I got a lovely air cast which is actually helping me walk a little easier. The only drawback is that the air cast is totally incompatible with shoes so I will be wearing slippers for a few days (well, they're slippers meant to wear outdoors).

I watched the Rose parade when I got home tonight. Okay, I will confess that I only watched the floats and skipped through the rest. So much work goes into those floats and I was sorry to see some of them succumb to the rain. However, they were still works of art.

The cool Rose parade story this year is that almost every previous year, mom would tape the KTLA broadcast of the parade and mail it to me. There aren't too many stations, even the big networks, that show all 2 hours and 15 minutes of the parade, especially outside of Southern California. As I was getting ready for work today, I flipped it to the Travel channel (I was taping HGTV because I knew I'd get the whole parade from them). How surprised was I to see that the Travel channel was carrying KTLA's broadcast!! Too bad I had to leave for work and too bad they kept cutting to commercial. However, the best news was that KTLA is selling DVD copies of the parade broadcast. That means I can watch it the way I'm used to seeing it and at my leisure and even though mom couldn't get me a copy of the parade this year, I had the ability to get it myself.


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