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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sister Clueless and her Relatives

(posted on FB 5/10/2010)

I've posted on my FB status what happened yesterday, on Mother's day. It reminded me of something that happened to me 10 years ago. I was at BYU Women's Conference, April 2000. Sheri Dew was speaking. In her message, she said:

A while ago a woman approached me
after a fireside and asked, "Don't you feel guilty
for choosing a career over marriage?" Her
words hurt. But I'm sure her comment would
have been different if she had known my heart,
or if she had known how much time I've spent
fasting and pleading with the Lord in the
temple, seeking to understand His will for me.
Only He knows how painful this process has
been. But He also knows how grateful I am for
the process, because it has sealed my heart to

When I heard the first part of that paragraph, I couldn't help it, a "BOO!" came out of my mouth. Not for the message, but because a sister in my faith had said something so clueless and heartless to someone else of my faith who didn't deserve it. If you ever see this talk on BYUTV, you will hear the groans. It was edited out of the voice recording.

I guess I should thank the sister yesterday for reminding me of this. :)


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