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Sunday, March 19, 2006

busy weekend

First a housekeeping item. This morning I received a sweet e-mail from a certain blog-lurker with the corrected quote that was used in his speech. He said: I believe the phrasing was “Miz, you are the finest version of Miz we shall ever meet in this lifetime!” (of course I'm substituting my real name for my blog name)

I admit that I couldn't remember the exact wording, but I sure remember the feeling, and the message was something I needed at that very time. All this time since yesterday I'd been trying to figure out how to ask the question on my mind (How did he know?) and getting up the nerve to ask him and the answer came to me.

Now for a strange coincidence. I watch (or record and watch) a show called Starting Over, abount women who, with the assistance of two life coaches and a psychologist, work towards changing their lives. There is a woman on the show, Kim, whose story is full of abandonment, neglect and abuse. Last week, they brought her mother out to do some work with her. At first I was engrossed in the story and didn't think anything of it. The longer the mother (Melinda) was on, the more I realized there was something familiar about her. When I finally put it all together, I realized I'd worked with her about 13 years ago when I lived in Denver. I never had any clue what was going on in her life at that time. It really wasn't appropriate to the relationship. I remember when her father died, which she talked about when sharing her part of the story, but after hearing "the rest of the story", the reason I didn't know the other details was because again, it would have been inappropriate to the relationship.

I have to say I was quite floored when I made the realization. Not in a bad way. More in a compassionate way. You see, the reason I even crossed paths with Melinda was because in 1993, I was going through a lot of pain. I changed my schedule to work a night shift to make it easier to schedule appointments and such. She worked nights because it was a second job for her. We ended up sitting together, talking about stuff, but mostly superficial things such as the last call we took, or what sounded good for dinner. I did not feel it appropriate to discuss my pain and neither did she.

At this point, if she remembered me and we were to talk, I'd probably ask her how things turned out and how she is doing now.

This has been quite a full weekend I must say. The other interesting thing was a phone conversation I had today with a mentor. I was reminded that I really do need to take better care of myself. I said that I was taking baby steps and wasn't sure which area to take the next step. He said both food and exercise. He was compassionate when I mentioned my medication problems and relieved that I was doing better since the switch. I honestly wish I could have spent much more time talking, but it was not appropriate to do so at that time.

Perhaps more is happening because my awareness has improved. Perhaps it's just a happy coincidence. Perhaps it really doesn't matter.


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